PHOENIX — Arizona Roller Derby’s (AZRD) Gaudylupes and Brawlarinas faced off Saturday at Ability360 in Phoenix. The Gaudys came out on top 222-155. It was their fourth straight win over the Brawlaz in AZRD’s 13th season.

The Brawlaz came out strong, jumping ahead by 34 points thanks to 24-point jam by Sassy Mean Clawdeen in jam 13. Claw finished the half with 47 of her team high 51 points. Sunny chipped in another 29 in the first 30 minutes.

For the Gaudys, Helga Hufflepunk and Charlie Force combined for 57 points in the first half.

Despite a 22-0 run by the Gaudys in the last three minutes on jams by Molly Whoremon and Charlie Force, the Brawlaz led 97-92 at halftime.

The Brawlaz turned it around after the break, outscoring the Gaudys 29-8 to start the second half. But in jam four, a 17-point jam by Molly Whoremon sparked what would become a 57-0 run by the Gaudys. A 30-point jam by Charlie Force in jam five put the Gaudys ahead by more than 20 points, and the Brawlaz were unable to recover. They scored just 58 points to the Gaudys 130 in the second half.

Other top jammers for the Brawlaz were Slamabelle Lektor with 39 points and Sunny with 38.

Charlie Force racked up a bout-high 73 points for the Gaudys. Gaudy jammers Molly Whoremon and Helga Hufflepunk contributed 57 and 31 points, respectively.

In the next bout of the double-header, AZRD’s Bad News Beaters hosted High Altitude Roller Derby’s Dark Sky Starlets of Flagstaff in the state-level action. The Beaters battered the Starlets 365-64.

The Beaters outscored the Starlets 28-0 first four minutes and posted 168 in the first half alone. They held the Starlets to just 23 points in the first 30 minutes of play.

CALACA scored 53 points in the first half on her way to a game high of 88. R2DEATH2 and Deez Nutz combined for 107 points for the Beaters.

Terror McFearsome was the top jammer for the Starlets with 23 points. Krystin-yte added another 17.

AZRD teams head back to the track October 8 at Ability360.