Roller Derby in Arizona

Navigating roller derby as a new person can be a bit confusing. Arizona is lucky to have an active roller derby community. The sport as a whole has several different rule sets (variations of the game) that are played recreationally across the globe. The first two distinctions are between banked track and flat track roller derby. Banked track roller derby is played on a wood “banked” track and was popularized on television in the 1970’s, and later on in movies like Whip It.

Over time the game again evolved into “flat track” roller derby. Flat track is played on flat ground and doesn’t require a specialty track. There are several flat track roller derby rules sets and associations including, USARS and WFTDA. The JRDA is the Junior Roller Derby Association specifically for kids 8-17 playing by the WFTDA rule set. The MRDA is the Mens Roller Derby Association, that also plays by the WFTDA rule set.

Another version of the game recently evolved again, Short Track Roller Derby. The Short Track rule set and game debuted in 2019 at RollerCon. Short Track is played on a smaller track requiring less space, with less people and only requires one ref and one score keeper, making it more accessible.

Arizona Roller Derby participates in flat track roller derby, specifically; WFTDA, Open Gender, JRDA and Short Track roller derby.

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