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We play at multiple venues across the valley, see specific events for venue details. Our home venue is Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizona. Check the schedule page or go to Facebook for information on the latest games.

Tickets for AZRD bouts are $15 per person, and can be purchased online or at the door.

Currently tickets can be purchased online or at the door. We are always looking for more ticket outlets. If you or your business are interested in becoming a ticket outlet, please contact us about sponsorship.

Our derby bouts are family-friendly. You’ll see several of the skaters’ own children cheering them on!

Roller derby is not unlike full contact football or hockey. It’s not unusual to see a player in roller derby get injured in a bout.

For a basic overview of gameplay, take a look at this video. For more in-depth information on the rules of flat-track derby, check out the official WFTDA Rules page.

We absolutely love being able to showcase local talent at our bouts! Please contact us.


We currently offer one official all-league practice on Wednesdays at Legacy Sports Complex – Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizona. An additional all-league practice will be offered on Monday evenings beginning in April 2022. Players are also expected to cross-train on their own between practices.

Not a problem! Not only does AZRD accept transfer skaters, we also offer roller derby training no matter what your skill level. Whether you have never skated before or may have ice hockey or figure skating experience, we can help you learn the skills needed to join us on the track. If you don’t enjoy the thrill of a contact sport but still want to participate we are always in need of referees and officials. For more information contact us.

There are skating officials and non-skating Officials (aka NSOs). Skating officials wear the vertical striped shirts and watch for safety, call penalties for illegal moves, and track points. NSO’s wear all black shirts with “OFFICIAL” on the back. They record points, run the scoreboard, track timing in the penalty box, and track penalties for players.

– Learn the WFTDA Officiating Cues and practice them.
– Shadow others during a game.
– Read about becoming a WFTDA Certified Official.

All skaters are also asked to learn to officiate. We are actively building this skill into our regular practices.

We have member and non-member volunteers. As a part of membership, we ask that members try to volunteer 32-hours per year to help run our organization. Non-members can join our volunteer contact list to be alerted when we need volunteers.

– Officiating
– Track Setup
– Medics
– Photographers
– Announcers
– Event Specific
– Coaching & Training
– Marketing & Communications


AZRD is always looking to partner with members of our community. Please visit our Sponsors page to learn about our sponsorship opportunities.

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