“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” – Isaac Newton

Board of Directors

Krista Koenig (she/her)
AKA Red Haute
General Board Member

Jeanmarie Harrington Bisceglia (she/her)
AKA Sharky
Director of Fundraising

Gretchen Pacheco (she/her)
AKA Loquita Bonita
Director of Governance

Katie Mason (she/her)
AKA Skatie Katie
Director of Programs

Advisory Council

Mary Feeney (she/her)
AKA Feen-X
Advisory Council Chair

Our membership Advisory Council is made up of members that help drive the operations, culture and values of our organization. It is open to all members to participate in.


Chelsea Winkel (she/her)
AKA Goldy
Executive Director

Alexis Elaine (she/her)
AKA Punkie Pie
Membership Manager

Rachel Sherman (they/them)
AKA Sure man
WFTDA Program Manager

Marva Schenk (she/her)
AKA Hella Naughty
JRDA Training Manager

Avonya Anderson (she/her)
AKA Ima Blow Bya
WFTDA Administrator

Katy Spining (she/her)
JRDA Program Manager

Anna Gibb (she/they)
Volunteer Coordinator