Adult Roller Derby

AZRD welcomes all genders, sexual orientations, races, and religions. Our adult program is open to ages 18+. AZRD is a flat track roller derby league, our adult program offers WFTDA, Open Gender and Short Track roller derby. We do NOT require tryouts. Instead, we have 3 tiers of skater participation. Skaters advance through the tiers as their skills progress.

Tier 1 – Learn to Skate

This is for anyone looking to learn to skate and is not roller derby specific. Learn core skating skills and have fun learning to skate! This class is taught through our Public Skate program. Times and locations vary. This is not offered at the Wednesday night practice, it operates as a separate program with multiple coaches, times and locations. Check out the Events & Schedule page to book classes.

Tier 2 – Learn & Play Flat Track Roller Derby

Join our SMASH SQUAD! This is for members that have the core skating skills mastered and are ready to learn roller derby or are returning to roller derby. Skills and drills are designed to engage skaters of all levels to play roller derby on our home teams. Skaters play at the contact level appropriate for the skills of the skaters on the track.

Tier 3 – Intermediate & Advanced Roller Derby

Focused on higher level competitive play. Our intermediate and advanced roller derby group plays full contact and not only plays on home teams, but are eligible to participate on our WFTDA and Open Gender travel teams.

Skill Advancement & Contact Levels

Participants self assess and seek peer assessment on their skill level and contact readiness using a color coded system:

RED – I’m new. Use caution, NO hitting.

YELLOW – I’m learning or returning! Light contact, starting to give and receive blocks.

GREEN – I’m ready for FULL CONTACT!

2024 Sessions & Start Dates

Session I – January 14th – April 15th

New participants can start this session up until February 13th, 2024.

Session II – April 16th – June 30th

New participants can start this session up until May 15th, 2024.

Session III – August 4th – November 16th

New participants can start this session up until September 3rd, 2024.