Arizona Roller Derby’s (AZRD) Skate Riot Project (SRP) hosted the Copper Queens of the Tucson Roller Derby in the first bout of a double-header at Ability360 in Phoenix. The Queens toppled SRP 292-106.

SRP kept the state-level battle close early before the Queens went on a 26-0 run, holding SRP scoreless in five consecutive jams. Mystery Meat scored 42 points in the first half. That included 28 points in the final jam of the first half, which helped the Queens enter halftime with a 145-57 lead. She finished with a bout high of 125.

SRP’s Kootz turned in a team high of 43 points, followed by Havoc with 33 in the final regular season home game for the squad.

Up next was AZRD’s city-state mashup bout that saw the Roller Bulls take on the Undead Runners. The themed bout was a nod to Saturday’s Running of the Bulls event in downtown Tempe ( The Bulls bested the Runners 241-184.

The Runners managed to outrun the Bulls in the first half, heading into halftime with a 87-84 lead. Sassy Mean Clawdeen scored 35 of her team-high 62 in the first 30 minutes of play.

The momentum continued when Charlie Force—who finished with 45 points—racked up 25 points in the Runners’ first jam of the second half. But their lead didn’t last long. The Bulls came roaring back with a 38-4 run on the strength of a 28-point jam from OhNo Bull (Sunny) just six minutes into the second half.

OhNo Bull notched a bought-high 70 points. Helga Hufflepunk added another 60 and El Whore-O (Molly Whoremon) chipped in 30 for the Bulls.

The ladies of AZRD will be on skates again this Saturday, Oct. 15, for the second annual Running of the Bulls. If you want a chance to be chased through the streets of downtown Tempe by Valey derby girls on a 1.2K fun run, check out

Then on Nov. 12, join AZRD for the finale of Season 13 at Ability360 when all five home teams take the track. The Brawlarinas will face off against against the Gaudylupes, followed by round-robin style matchups between the Surly Gurlies, Skate Riot Project and the Bad News Beaters.