Short Track Roller Derby, the most accessible roller derby on the planet!

We had a blast this fall playing Short Track Roller Derby, the newest and most accessible version of roller derby. Short Track Roller Derby was introduced at Rollercon in 2019 pre covid. It’s played on a smaller track, which means you need less space, and requires only 1 official and 1 score keeper. It’s super fun and just might be the game for your league!

We found it was the perfect format for bringing roller derby back and it made finding a place to skate much easier. It was also more approachable for new skaters and retired skaters. The spirit of the game puts the rules at center stage and the accountability back in the hands of the skaters. We had no commitment required, which made it super low stakes. Overall it felt like a pick up game of basketball. The shorter game format of two, ten minute halves also helped when we did our first ever short track tournament.

Have questions about playing Short Track Derby with your league? Ask us!