The Tucson Roller Derby Copper Queens got the best of the AZRD Surly Gurlies, 194-115, on Saturday night in Phoenix. The bout was an Arizona State Roller Derby Conference matchup.

The Surlies had a new look: three new pirates aboard the ship, one returning from shore leave and another on the plank — uh, bench — due to injury.

Without Luz Chaos in the lineup, the Surlies used just three jammers in rotation. The offense was led by Pushy Tushy, who put up 70 points. Carbomb-Ya had 24 and Hannah Barbaric had 21.

The bout was initially close and saw half a dozen lead changes. The Surlies broke out to a 16-4 lead before the Copper Queens took the advantage with a 15-point power jam by Weirdy. In her first bout since advancing from the Tucson junior league, Weirdy posted 52 points.

Hannah Barbaric chipped away and gave the pirates the slight edge midway through the half. Despite the nonstop interruption of penalty whistles and trips to the box, the Surlies held the lead through the final jam of the period. That’s when Tucson’s Mystery Meat posted 10 points to give the Copper Queens a three-point advantage going into the locker room.

The fans exhaled, backed off the edge of their seats, and most enjoyed a snow cone.

The second half began with a quick four points by Pushy Tushy to push the red back into the lead. But Weirdy took another power jam, and the Tucson never looked back. Iva Coaldheart scored 70 points in the second half, part of her bout-high 83 points.

Pushy Tushy posted power jams of 20 and 19 points in the second half, but the Copper Queens answered with a rally of their own each time to push the score further ahead.

Defensively, Surly newcomers Boxknife Brandi, Feminine Hyjinx and Choke Ya Latte saw a decent amount of time on the track. All three were quick, agile and partnered up well for blocking with The Grave Little Toaster, Amunisha, H Face Killa, and returning skater Trisha Torment.

When the Surlies were able to get the block off the line, they were able to keep the opposing jammer in the pack for at least a lap, which is pretty unusual. But penalties often hampered blocker availability.

— PulHitzHer Prize