Tucson Roller Derby’s Vice Squad encountered a Great Wall Of Pirates on Saturday as the Arizona Roller Derby Surly Gurlies took a 260-55 victory on the road in Tucson.

Defense was dominant for the Surlies, led by H Face Killa, Evol Em, Hannah Barbaric, The Grave Little Toaster, and Amunisha, who demonstrated the ability to hit multiple opponents at once. They held Vice to just 17 points in the second half of play with strong partner blocking.

But the offense was on fire as well. Of the 39 jams in the bout, the Surlies earned lead jammer status in 28 of them. They wasted no time on the track with offensive strategies and steered clear of the penalty box.

In the fast-paced bout, three Surly jammers each outscored the entire Vice Squad: Luz Chaos turned in a 92-point performance, while Carbomb-Ya danced her way to 71 and Hannah Barbaric had 62. Pushy Tushy chipped in 31 as well.

Vice started off strong when Jilimanjaro posted 15 points in the first jam and  Tucson kept the lead for six jams. But Hanna Barbaric turned in 15 of her own for the lead change, and the Surlies ran the track from there. Luz Chaos turned in the high-point jam of the bout near the end of the first half with a 28-point effort thanks to a power jam.

Jilimanjaro was Vice’s high-point jammer, with 44 of her team’s 55 points. For the blue, ROFL Copter picked up her defense in the second half with punishing hits to Surly jammers. Millie Watt, in her last game for TRD, jammed five times for three points.

It was TRD’s first official bout using the new WFTDA rule set, which went into effect on Jan. 1, and penalties were a factor for Vice.

The bout was an Arizona State Roller Derby Conference matchup in front of a sold-out crowd at the TRD Wreckhouse.

— PulHitzHer Prize