When Arizona Roller Derby’s city-level skaters took the track Saturday, one team wore classic red lipstick to honor its namesake.

The other team wore lipstick, too — all over their faces.

In the Battle Of The Marilyns exhibition bout, Team Marilyn Manson took a 152-86 victory over Team Marilyn Monroe on Saturday at the Mesa Rec Center.

The bout featured Arizona Roller Derby’s city-level skaters and was pretty back-and-forth through the first half. The Mansons pulled away in the second half, and while they got the victory, the Monroes were the better-dressed team in their custom Marilyn-as-jammer shirts.

The fun bout led to some great costumes and nom de skateurs: Scarilyn Monroe, Let’s Make Shove and MissedHer President on one side, and Catherine Stumpp, Rita Vorhees and Julie RipHer on the other.

For Team Manson, MVP jammer was Sweet Dreamz and MVP blocker was Sophia Hatchet. For Team Monroe, MVP jammer was Seven Year Bitch, and MVP blocker was Ma Makeumoan Yo.

— PulHitzHer Prize