There are a few things you get to do once you turn 18: buy lottery tickets and cigarettes, register to vote. And score your first points as a member of Arizona Roller Derby.

After two years with the Phoenix Derby Brats junior team, La Sauvage scored a total of five points in her first game with the Bruisers. It marks the first time a Brats graduate has played in an AZRD bout.

The Bruisers lost, 257-129, to the Dark Sky Starlets of High Altitude Roller Derby of Flagstaff on Saturday.

The game started off close as the Bruisers jumped ahead on a 21-point power jam from Kitch Slap which was answered by HARD’s 20-point effort from Belt Sander. Power jams were the story of the night, as the Starlets’ jammers enjoyed twice as much alone time on the track as the Bruisers did. Lusty Reigns cruised to a 29-point power jam in the middle of a 70-6 run by the Starlets in the first half.

In that first half Flagstaff was bolstered by transfer skater Joy Collision, formerly of AZRD. She brought her punishing hits out of retirement to help control the defensive situation, but was scarce after halftime.

The second half started slowly, with both jammers in the box, but AZRD newcomer Scissor Bangz cut open an 18-point jam the old fashioned way. Bruiser blockers Hot Coco, Racey Rizzo and My Baby Momma came out ready to recycle some jammers.

The Bruisers picked up some steam toward the end of the bout as Julie Fuubar fought her way to a 24-point power jam, delivering her own big hits along the way. Hot Coco also fired up the crowd with her blocking-while-jamming action.

But it wasn’t enough to stop the offensive onslaught from the Starlets. Lusty Reigns was high-point jammer with 79 points, while Good Luck Harm had 44, Belt Sander had 42 and Jazmanian Devil had 38.

For the Bruisers, Scissor Bangz had 29 points, Julie Fuubar had 27, Kitch Slap had 25 and Block N’ DekHer had 21.

— PulHitzHer Prize