We hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday season! We also hope that you’re all ready for Arizona Roller Derby’s 12th Season! You know we are! We’ve got exciting news and big plans for 2015, y’all, and we’re stoked to share it all with you, our fans!

Everyone remembers the Tent City Terrors and their skyrocket of a Cinderella story through the WFTDA ranks last season? They’ve got their eyes on the prize again and you can expect those little dials they’re turning are tuned in!


After much deliberation on how to handle the league’s growth, we’ve added a third State level team, the Skate Riot Project! Keep an eye out for their team page, coming soon! Adding a third State level team required some evening out of skills, so there was a bit of a shake up on both the Bad News Beaters and the Surly Gurlies. In the coming weeks, you’ll see their team page rosters change as well. There are many faces from our City level teams that have moved up, ready for the challenge of the faster-paced Arizona state circuit!


Lastly, everyone please give a warm welcome to our Season 12 Board of Directors:

Gingersaurus Wrex, Athletic Director
Ginger RootYa, Public Relations Director
Kitch, Human Resources Director
Dewey Decks’emall, Production Director
Lil’ Bunny F.U., Business Director

These ladies will be the guiding force behind AZRD in Season 12 and we have no doubt that it will be the best season yet!