The Gaudylupes had just nine players, but each one of them jammed and six scored in double digits in their 191-62 win over the Bruisers on Saturday in Phoenix.

The last time these two AZRD local teams faced each other, in September, the Bruisers put the hurt on with a 30-point victory. The level of play was clearly elevated by both teams since that match-up.

The walls were stronger for both sides, as sometimes it took a full lap or two for either jammer to break through, and the strategy was evident. Jams went quickly, getting called off by smart lead jammers before their counterparts could approach the pack. Penalties didn’t damper either team’s play too much.

The Gaudys steadily built a lead in the first half, bolstered by a 28-point jam from Kitch Slap.

The Bruisers suffered a loss in the 13th jam when Ms. D’Meana picked up four points on a power jam before needing medical attention for what she later said was a broken collarbone.

The jammer panty was flying on the Bruiser side, as they attempted six star passes in the bout. Few were successful, however, as the red team scored just 17 points in the second half.

Pardon My French brought two weapons to the bout: her blindingly blingy leg warmers, and her defense. She laid a big hit on Bruiser Blok ‘n’ DekHer as she was attempting to take a star pass in the second half, preventing any points.

Strong Gaudy defense was also provided by La Tostadora, Crystal Clean-up and Vicki Ticky Timebomb, in her first bout as a Gaudy.

Bruisers were led defensively by birthday girl Barrio Bombshell, Tina Toxic in her last bout with the Bruisers, and Betty Breathtaker. Peta Hayworth and Hot Coco also played ping-pong with the Gaudy jammers in the second half.

The Gaudys were led by Kitch Slap with a game-high 67 points, Nora Toxin with 40, H-Face Killa with 29, La Tostadora with 20, Colette Razorcat with 14 and Pardon My French with 11. For the Bruisers, Blok ‘n’ DekHer had 28 points and Betty Breathtaker had 13.

— PulHitzHer Prize