The last time AZRD’s Brawlarinas and Gaudylupes met, the result was a one-point Brawla victory that came down to the last jam.

That’s why Saturday’s rematch in Mesa felt so familiar: the Gaudylupes’ 170-161 victory came during the very last jam of the bout.

The Brawlas went into the last jam with a three-point lead, but a quick penalty sent their jammer to the box. Gaudy jammer Dee Troit scored 12 points for the comeback win.

The first half went back-and-forth, but the game was faster and the quality of play was noticeably higher than the May head-to-head bout. The crowd got into the action when Brawla jammer Breaz, playing in her first bout, caught up to lead jammer Enya Dreams and passed her in the race around the track. But Dreamz wouldn’t let that stand and laid a big hit on Breaz to make her scoring pass and call off the jam.

The Brawlas owned much of the second half as jammer CarBomb-Ya poured in 53 points and Certified LunaChick had a 20-point power jam. Gingersaurus Wrex, Julie Fuubar, R2Death2 and Betty Breathtaker worked with Brawla newcomer H8-Bit  to lay down the purple defense.

But never underestimate the power of the impromptu dance party. During a lengthy officials’ timeout, jammer Enya Dreamz and the entire Gaudy team entertained the crowd with their smooth moves. Dreams then posted a 16-point jam, and Cana Dash followed with a 25-point power jam.

In the last six jams, the Gaudys outscored the Brawlas 57-2. Vicky Ticky Time Bomb, Crystal Clean-Up, Nicole Bitchie and Razorcat were handling things for the green defense.

For the Brawlas, CarBomb-Ya led all scorers with 102 points. Certified LunaChick had 26, and R2Death2 had 22. For the Gaudys, Cana Dash came off maternity leave to lead with 38 points, while Choke Ya Latte had 33 and Dee Troit had 30.

— PulHitzHer Prize