In their second bout of the day at the 2013 Dust Devil Tournament, the Tent City Terrors were defeated by the Silicon Valley Roller Girls Dot Kamikazis, 190-127.

The TCTs started out with a quick 9-0 lead courtesy of Loco Lena and Kiki UrHaz, but Silicon Valley took advantage of a few power jams. They held an 88-42 lead with about two minutes to go in the first half.

But Hannah Barbaric was determined to cut that lead down. Like a hot knife through butter, she scored 23 points after defense by Maria Montoya set up a power jam for the pink-clad team. Hannah’s jam made the halftime score 88-69 in favor of Silicon Valley.

AZRD kept the momentum through the beginning of the second half. Strong defense held the Dot Kamikazis to minimal points while Ovary Z and Loco Lena chipped away at the lead. Kiki UrHaz had the five-point jam that pushed the TCTs to a 92-91 lead.

That advantage was short-lived as the penalty ninja struck again. A big jam for SV’s Mad 4 Gravy followed by a few power jams caused the score to get away from the Terrors.

AZRD is now finished in the double-elimination tournament.

— PulHitzHer Prize