What’s the best way to prepare for WFTDA tournament season? By taking on a co-ed team of the biggest, baddest skaters in Arizona.

The AZRD Tent City Terrors lost in an exhibition game to the Co-Ed Cops, 259-152, on Saturday in Phoenix. But the lessons learned will linger longer than the result, although they may have to deal with the absence of a top jammer.

The Cops lineup featured players from Arizona Mens Derby, the Arizona Derby Dames banked track team, High Altitude Roller Derby, Tucson Roller Derby and more. This high-level matchup resulted in a fast-paced, heavy-hitting game.

Sidelicious of AZMD came out hitting hard. Jam after jam he laid TCTs on the track with big hits. “He can do that all day,” his teammate, Johnny Smokescreen, called out from the bench.

Meanwhile, AZMD’s Kamikanji and Eat Da Poo Poo plus AZDD’s Deja Deja Vu started racking up the points. The Cops had a 42-14 lead before Luz Chaos had a 15-point power jam. Former Tent City Terror Atomatrix answered with a 26-point jam, taking away any momentum from the home team.

The TCT jammers were unable to use their usual advantages of strength and size against these opponents; many of the male skaters were taller and weren’t easily pushed aside. The smaller, quicker jammers – Luz Chaos, Kiki UrHaz, and Ovary Z – proved to be the most effective against the donut-eaters.

The Terrors made an adjustment by relying on teammates more to get through the pack or to double-team when blocking. Defensively, Loco Lena landed some big hits with Ovary Z, Amunisha, Kiki UrHaz, Deez Nutz and Sigmund Droid forming the walls.

But it just wasn’t enough. In the second half, just as the TCTs were getting the offensive effort together, AZMD’s Just The Tip hit the track for jams of 22, 19 and 23 points each.

A somber moment came just before the end of the second half. TCT jammer Luz Chaos had just broken the pack and was rounding turn two when Atomatrix, in as a blocker, landed a big shoulder-to-shoulder hit. Chaos went down, in obvious pain, with what she later said was a separated shoulder.

Just The Tip led all scorers with 69 points, while Eat Da Poo Poo had 57 and Atomatrix had 38. AZRD skaters Whoop C and Messy Missy, along with TRD’s May Q Pay, helped provide defense.

For the TCTs, Ovary Z was top scorer with 39 points, while Luz Chaos had 37, Kiki UrHaz had 30 and Loco Lena had 19.

The TCTs have been invited to skate in the international Big O Tournament in Eugene, Ore., and the national BrewHaHa in Milwaukee, Wis., this year, in addition to their regular game schedule in preparation for the WFTDA playoffs.

– PulHitzHer Prize