In the first of three challenge bouts among the AZRD home teams, the Bruisers pulled out a five-point victory over the Brawlarinas, 42-37.

The Bruisers held the lead most of the bout, thanks to a balanced offense. Ms. D’Meana had a pair of nine-point jams, but Blok ‘n’ DekHER added nine, Racey Rizzo had seven and The Prim Reaper and Enya Dreamz each chipped in four. The Bruisers were out to a 23-13 lead at one point, thanks to big hits by Barrio Bombshell and Loca Tortura that kept the Brawla jammers off balance.

The Bruisers had a chance to break the game open in the seventh jam, when a penalty sent the Brawla jammer to the box, but the purple defense held strong. A big hit by Gingersaurus Wrex on Bruiser jammer Racey Rizzo helped contain the potential for points.

Carbomb-Ya scored 23 of the Brawlas’ 37 points, including the big 16-point power jam that put the purple in the lead after the ninth jam. Three more points by Allegro Masheen padded the Brawlas’ lead to eight points, but the purple failed to score in the remaining jams as the Bruisers responded with 13 points and strong defense by Peta Hateworth and Racey Rizzo.

— PulHitzHer Prize