The last challenge bout of the night also had the most drama, as the lead changed four times before the Brawlarinas defeated the Gaudylupes, 59-48.

It was a breakout game for Gaudylupe jammer Kitch Slap, who in her first jam with the star rattled off three Grand Slams and threw in another point for good measure. It wasn’t a power jam, but ‘Lupe defense Pardon My French, Chokya Latte, Crystal Clean-Up and The Grave Little Toaster contained the Brawlas to get the green out to a 16-3 lead.

Brawla jammer Carbomb-Ya responded a few jams later. She broke through the pack of veteran Gaudylupe defenders quickly and continued sailing through for 15 points and the lead for the purple.

Then Sonic Speeder started on the line for the Brawlas but made an immediate star pass to Carbomb-Ya, who extended the lead further. But Kitch Slap donned the star again and scored 13 points for another ‘Lupe lead.

Carbomb-Ya and the Brawla blockers were having none of it. The purple jammer rattled off a 15-point jam to take the lead again, then took to the line with :37 left in the bout. While blockers Sonic Speeder, Cheek’SKate, Certified Lunachick and Julie Fuubar kept the Gaudylupes from scoring, Carbomb-Ya turned in the last of her 37 points and immediately called off the jam.

Both teams bored the penalty box officials, as only one skater visited the box and it wasn’t until jam ten.

— PulHitzHer Prize