The Brawlarinas were looking for redemption after their loss to the Bruisers in September — and they got it.

The Prim Reaper gets away from the pack as Feminine Hyjinx gives chase. (Photo by Mr. Ravelyn)

The purple proved victorious in this battle between two of AZRD’s local teams, with a 173-136 win on Oct. 20 in Phoenix.

The Bruisers struck first when jammer Enya Dreamz put up 10 points. But Brawla jammer Carbomb-ya scored the first 13 of her game-high 98 points in the third jam to give purple the lead for the rest of the bout.

Carbomb-ya rattled off a pair of 26-point jams behind the strength of the Brawlas’ “Barney defense” — a big wall of purple designed to be annoying.

Penalties were a factor for both teams from the beginning, forcing quick adjustments. Brawla jammer Cheek’SKate faced a full line of Bruiser blockers with only two of her own, but she forced her way through to nine points.

The Prim Reaper and Enya Dreamz took advantage of Bruiser power jams in the first half, boosting their team with 13 and 12 points, respectively, at a time when the red was struggling to score. They received offensive assistance from blocker Hot Coco.

The Brawlas took a 119-71 advantage into the locker room at halftime, and in the second half that big purple wall started strong.

Racey Rizzo prepares to knock jammer Certified LunaChick. (Photo by Mr. Ravelyn)

Even as their jammers found themselves in the box, the Brawla defense — led by Gingersaurus Wrex, Julie Fuubar, PoyZenous Kandi and Feminine Hyjinx — held the Bruisers to just five points in four power jams.

Bruiser jammer Blok ‘n’ DekHer started to mount what looked like a red comeback, scoring a dozen points before taking a big hit. But the Brawlas responded by beefing up the defense and staying out of the penalty box for the rest of the bout.

For the Brawlas, Carbomb-ya had 98 points while Cheek’SKate had 27, .50 Cal Sal had 22 and Gingersaurus Wrex had 10. For the Bruisers, Enya Dreamz led the team with 49 points, The Prim Reaper had 36, Blok ‘n’ DekHer had 30 and Racey Rizzo had 16.