The month of March often sees its share of comebacks and crazy finishes, but usually that action is reserved for basketball. Roller derby decided to bring its own madness Saturday in Phoenix, as the bout between the AZRD Brawlarinas and the High Altitude Roller Derby Dark Sky Starlets ended in a 146-146 tie.

This tie was a lot like kissing your derby sister. The teams were knotted at 133 points each at the end of regulation, and derby overtime calls for a single two-minute jam where jammers start scoring with their first pass through the pack.

Lil’ Bo Peepshow took to the jammer line for the Brawlas, with Dooms Daisy her counterpart for the Starlets. As the skaters raced around the track, the scoreboard showed the Brawlas with a five-point advantage when the jam was called off due to a referee’s injury. Although they didn’t get the full two minutes in, it appeared the Brawlas had won. The crowd went wild, and the skaters in purple took their victory lap.

But just like you should wait through all the credits in the movie theater, you should always wait for the bout’s official score review.

It was determined each jammer scored 13 points in the overtime jam, equaling the score at 146, and the team captains agreed to call the bout a tie.

A tie seemed like the least likely outcome at halftime, as the Starlets took a 27-point lead into the locker room. The Flagstaff squad dominant through most of the first half. Just as the Brawlas came back to within two points, Starlet jammer Good Luck Harm threw down a 19-point power jam.

The Brawlas kicked into gear in the second half, going on a 35-13 run late in the game. Starting the last jam of regulation, the purple were down by four points with jammer Carbomb-Ya at the line. She managed to score the four as Brawla blocker Gingersaurus Wrex laid a big hit on Starlet jammer Honey Guns to prevent her from scoring. That sent the bout into sudden death.

Carbomb-Ya led all jammers with 58 points, while CheekSkate had 37 and Lil’ Bo Peepshow had 28. For the Starlets, Dooms Daisy had 33 points while Belt Sander had 28 and Good Luck Harm had 26.

The Brawlas were led defensively by Mean Deneen, IR8 K8 and Gingersaurus Wrex. Starlets blockers Lusty Reigns, Honey Guns and Tenna C. Risky led the defensive effort for Flagstaff.

– PulHitzHer Prize