The back-and-forth battle between two Arizona Roller Derby home teams resulted in a one-point win for the Brawlarinas over the Gaudylupes, 111-110, on Saturday in Mesa, Ariz.

It all came down to the final jam: The Brawlas had a 15-point advantage, but their jammer started in the penalty box. Gaudylupe jammer Choke Ya Latte lined up for her power jam and even took down a Brawla blocker on her first pass through the pack. But when time ran out, she had managed to score 14 points — just one short — and the Brawlas came out on top.

Each team had its own run with the lead during the bout. The Gaudys owned much of the first half, thanks to big jams by H Face Killa, Nora Toxin and Kitch Slap. But the Brawlas bounced back in the second half, taking the lead on a 19-point jam by Feminine Hyjinx. A 20-point jam by Certified Lunachick cemented the lead for the purple.

The Brawla defense was stellar. Mean Deneen played the angles, Gingersaurus Wrex provided the big hits and Julie Fuubar was just fierce. Fuubar was rewarded with the purple sombrero after the bout, while Dr. Torment was named MVP blocker.

The Gaudy blockers helped their jammers by playing offense-on-defense. Vicky Ticky Time Bomb, Nicole Bitchie and Nora Toxin all helped H Face Killa on a big power jam late in the game as the girls in green tried to chip away at the lead. Choke Ya Latte was named MVP blocker for the Gaudys.

Despite a few early pile-ups as both teams adjusted to the slick floor of the Mesa Rec Center, the game was pretty clean. The Gaudy jammers only afforded the Brawlas a single power jam.

Feminine Hyjinx led all jammers with 37 points, while Brawla teammates Certified Lunachick had 28, Luz Chaos had 26 and Julie Fuubar had 12. For the Gaudys, Kitch Slap had 28, H Face Killa had 19, Choke Ya Latte had 17 and Nora Toxin had 13.

— PulHitzHer Prize