The Bad News Beaters remained undefeated this season after defeating the Whiskey Row-llers of Northern Arizona Roller Derby, 336-79, on Saturday in Mesa, Ariz.

The Beaters dominated the entire bout: they earned lead jammer status on nearly two-thirds of the jams, scored 10+ points in 13 different jams, and blue jammer Dee Troit even achieved mythical status.

Early in the second half Dee Troit took advantage of a power jam to score six consecutive grand slams of five points each. While five grand slams is so rare it’s considered a “unicorn,” Dee Troit’s speed gave her the extra advantage to take another five points and earn what bout announcer General Grinder dubbed a “centaur.”

The Beaters used the mismatch opportunity to fine-tune strategic plays. Early in the first half jammer Loco Lena laid a hit on the Whiskey Row-ller’s jammer in the straightaway, then skated all the way back to the front of the pack, forcing the opposing jammer to enter behind the entire pack and make her way through again.

In another jam, Deez Nutz was wearing the star but used her considerable blocking prowess to hold the other jammer back just as they both broke through the pack, allowing the opponent to be sucked back in. Deez then sprinted around and scored five points.

All but two Beaters donned the star during the bout, which allowed the regular rotation of jammers to take a few extra turns on defense. The changing lineups didn’t hurt them at all, as they often made it impossible for NAZRD’s jammer to break through the pack at all. The pace of the game actually got faster as the clock ticked down, tiring out a Prescott team that relied on just four jammers in the second half.

Beater captain Ginger Reeking Havoc said she was happy with the way her team’s defense worked the jammers on the outside, and said newcomers Gingersaurus Wrex, Nora Toxin and Scissor Bangz were integrating well into the team.

Beater Maria Montoya led all scorers with 109 points in just seven jams, while Sigmund Droid had 41, Dee Troit had 40, Deez Nutz had 39 and Certified Lunachick had 37. They were led defensively by Deez Nutz, Loco Lena, Vixen Tequila, Maria Montoya and Gingersaurus Wrex.

Holly Ween led the Whiskey Row-llers with 28 points, while After Math had 23 and Hollywood Haight R had 21. Big blockers Jamit Smacksum and Buffy Vanderbush made some punishing hits on defense.

— PulHitzHer Prize