Agility beat size advantage as the Arizona Roller Derby Bad News Beaters went on the road to defeat the Tucson Roller Derby Furious Truckstop Waitresses, 305-93, on Saturday in Tucson.

Maria Montoya scored 121 points and Loco Lena had 91 to lead the Beaters in the Arizona State Roller Derby Conference bout. Sigmund Droid and Ovary Z also skated their way to 51 and 42 points, respectively.

FTW’s blocker corps were much bigger than the Beaters, but the blue squad picked apart that defense with patience, lateral movements and sheer athleticism. FTW suffered from multiple blocker penalties in both teams’ first bout under the new WFTDA rule set.

The Beaters quickly jumped out to a 45-2 lead by the fifth jam of the bout. FTW had a bright spot in the 10th jam, when Pick Onia Pie had a 25-point power jam to put the Waitresses within two points.

With the TRD Wreckhouse rocking, Maria Montoya made a smart move. Behind the defense of Whoop C, she managed to rack up 20 points before FTW jammer Jaywire broke from the pack. As Jaywire approached on a scoring pass, Maria called off the jam and effectively took the wind out of FTW’s sails.

A short time later Ovary Z had the high-point turn, a 28-point power jam to end the first half with a 133-71 Beater advantage.

The Beaters cruised on a 114-9 run in the second half, with offensive strategy led by Loco Lena, described by announcers as “the most patient jammer in roller derby.” Late in the half Lena laid a big hit on the FTW jammer to suck her back into the pack and then turned in a 24-point jam.

Ginger “Reeking” Havoc, Deez Nutz and Ovary Z guided newcomer Nora Toxin in the ways of Beater defense, routinely flustering FTW jammers.

Bev Rage seemed to play in every jam for FTW and was their defensive leader, with help from Dirty Duchess and Pinky McLovin.

Pick Onia Pie led FTW with 45 points, while K’Mean Streak had 21 and newcomer Midnight Crasher had 19.

Word on the street is Maria Montoya followed up her 121-point performance by running a half marathon the next morning.

— PulHitzHer Prize