The Bad News Beaters opened the Arizona State Roller Derby Conference season with a decisive victory over the Tucson Roller Derby Copper Queens, 219-94, on Oct. 20 in Phoenix.

Ginger “Reeking” Havoc gets past two blockers from the Copper Queens. (Photo by Mr. Ravelyn)

It was a balanced effort for the Beaters, as six different jammers all scored in double digits. And the defense was impenetrable, at one point holding the opponent scoreless for 10 straight jams.

The Copper Queens were bouting with just 10 players, but managed to get out to an early lead. Metal Maiden took advantage of a power jam to post 20 points, but that advantage quickly dissolved.

Sigmund Droid posted big points in a pair of power jams, leading the way to a 60-32 Beater lead by the 13th jam. And she helped herself a few jams later, making a big hit on the last blocker in Turn 2 to earn lead jammer.

After being down by 70 points at the break, the Copper Queens looked like they had eaten their halftime oranges. Their defense, led by Metal Maiden, held the Beaters to just eight points in the first six jams of the half, while Tucson jammer Pixie Axe chipped away at the deficit. Teammate Mica Jackson had a big 20-point jam when several Beater blockers found themselves in the penalty box.

But Loco Lena and Ginger “Reeking” Havoc pushed back, each recording 15-point power jams. Lena was powering through the pack on her own for most of the passes, but whenever she found herself stuck, blocker Whoop C was there to flex some muscle and provide offensive help.

Jammers Loco Lena and Pixie Axe charge forward. (Photo by Mr. Ravelyn)

As the Copper Queens increasingly got into penalty trouble, the Beaters executed the slow roll power jam strategy perfectly. Led by the defense of Ovary Z, Whoop C and Deez Nutz, the Beaters scored 48 points in four power jams in the last 18 minutes of the game.

Loco Lena led Beater jammers with 56 points, Sigmund Droid had 52, Ovary Z had 38, Ginger “Reeking” Havoc had 28, Deez Nutz had 22 and Dee Troid had 19. For the Copper Queens both Metal Maiden and Mica Jackson had 30 points, while Pixie Axe and Mystery Meat each posted 15.

— PulHitzHer Prize