The Bad News Beaters showed why they’re the defending champions of the Arizona State Conference, kicking off AZRD’s Season 10 with a 207-114 win over the Surly Gurlies.

The start of the first half was all about defense. Messy Missy — in her vintage Beaters jersey — hovered around the pivot line like a shark and both teams kept the point total low by calling off the jam before the other team could even score a point.

Led by jammers Luz Chaos and The Violator, the Surlies got out to a 21-10 lead. But the Beaters shifted into gear in the tenth jam, when Maria Montoya scored nine of her game-high 50 points and a big hit on the Surly jammer by Ovary Z shut down the red offense.

Loco Lena followed with a 17-point power jam to give the Beaters what would be the advantage for the remainder of the bout. The blue defense put a halt to Surly scoring, allowing just 10 points in the last 10 jams of the first half to post a 50-point lead at the break, 86-36.

After the half the Beater defense with Whoop C, Deez Nuts and Ovary Z continued to reign supreme. And as the Beaters mixed it up on the jammer line, Messy Missy took the star and turned in a grand slam. Blue newcomer Cana Dash skated to 19 points on a power jam as her offense paved the way.

Surly jammer Kiki UrHaz did benefit from a big hit by her defender The Grave Little Toaster in the 11th jam of the half to pick up five points. Amunisha earned a few more in the next jam after she received a star pass from Pushy Tushy, whose skate truck broke in the middle of the jam.

Whoop C was the final jammer for the Beaters, and she was clearly having more fun than anyone on the track until she went to the penalty box. On the power jam, Luz Chaos thrilled the crowd by jumping the apex on turn three. She scored 20 points to push the Surlies over the 100-point mark.

The Beaters were led by Maria Montoya who had 50 points, Sigmond Droid with 42, Loco Lena with 38 and Cybil War with 27. For the Surlies, Luz Chaos had 43 points and The Violator had 35.

— PulHitzHer Prize