Atomatrix has rejoined Arizona Roller Derby (AZRD) after a year haitus from roller derby play. While currently not on AZRD’s WFTDA Charter Team, The Tent City Terrors, Atom made it clear on her Facebook page and Team USA affiliation that she wishes to rejoin them.

AZRD’s process for transfer skaters includes a 30 day waiting period with good attendance, as well as a team vote. The Terrors are excited to see her meet these requirements after “Transfergate” in 2012.

“The 2012 playoffs were undeniably hard for us” said Maria Montoya, Captain of the Tent City Terrors. “I believe we all learned a great deal from the experience. For the Terrors, it was a wake up call. It was obvious we had a lot of work to do, starting with our culture. Our new team culture values staying present and in the moment. Holding any grudges would be counter to this value. As Atomatrix demonstrates and maintains her commitment to AZRD as her local peers do, we would be happy to call her our teammate again. This doesn’t change the fact that the Terrors still have work to do, no matter who is on our team in 2014.”

“I appreciate AZRD welcoming me back into their league.” Atomatrix wrote in a statement. “After last year’s champs I put out an apology to the community, to AZRD and decided to take some time off. I don’t want to leave the game — I’ve missed playing regularly over the past year. I look forward to next year’s World Cup as well as the new season with the Tent City Terrors. They’ve put in a lot of work while I was gone and I’m excited to see where we can go together. Onward and upward.

“I also look forward to skating with Team USA on Monday [Nov. 11, after the WFTDA championships] at our first practice. I’m happy I tried out while at ECDX, knowing I would return to derby after skating inline worlds this past summer in Belgium. I hope the community will welcome me back. You don’t have to like me, but you’re not going to get rid of me — PEACE, LOVE & AND LOCAL DERBY!”

Atomatrix and Déjà Déjà Vu (formerly of the Arizona Derby Dames banked track all-star team) will join the Terrors as guest skaters in non-sanctioned play in San Diego on Nov. 2 against SoCal Roller Derby, and Nov. 3 against San Diego Roller Derby. These will be the first games as Tent City Terrors for newcomers Cannibelle Corpse (formerly of the Arizona Derby Dames), and rookie Nora Toxin.

AZRD plans to update its charter in the coming weeks.