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Featured Skater – September 2014: Kitch #22

Get to know one of the Tent City Terrors' newest skaters, Kitch, below. She is wonderfully, hilariously awesome!

Explain the inspiration/story behind your name.

I have a really close family and really love my last name so I knew I wanted something that used my family name. I started my derby life as Kitch Slap and number D20 to represent my nerdy side. After being drafted to the Bad News Beaters I wanted to shorten my name but still have it mean something to me. Aside from loving the book Catch 22 I decided on Kitch 22 after reading the autobiography of Christopher Hitchens titled Hitch 22. BTW, if you have ever served in the military or worked a government job please read Catch 22, you will never stop laughing.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

No, I am not one for superstitions or traditions; I just like to play around before a bout to keep everyone in good spirits. I love double entendres, twerking while I stretch, and making others laugh. For some reason I still get a touch of intestinal stage fright (if you catch my drift) before every bout.

What do you think about when you’re lacing up your skates for a big bout?

I like to keep it light hearted and happy. Usually I am thinking about what I want to eat at the afterparty. Are my thighs going to rub together too much in these fishnets? What if we all needed to breathe helium instead of oxygen to live? That would be a silly planet. What author has the best chance of taking Ernest Hemmingway in a fight? If there is life on another planet and they come here how can I get them to invest their space dollars in roller derby and spurn all other sports. Also every derby girls favorite thought excise; I just won the lottery let’s create my dream derby arena in my head. ... More