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Skater Spotlight — Ginger "reeking" Havoc

A veritable valkyrie on skates and your Season 12 Tent City Terrors Captain, Havoc has an amazingly versatile skill-set, covering all three of the roles in derby. She blocks like a beast, jams like a track star, and organizes plays as a pivot like no one's business. Learn more about this seasoned vet below!

Explain the inspiration/story behind your name.

I suppose the story of my derby name is anti-climatic. Nowadays, there are a ton of creative names already being used and I wanted to be different. I hadn't heard of anyone using the word havoc, so I played off of that. Reddish hair + havoc = Ginger "reeking" Havoc.

Do you have a pre-bout ritual?

I am not that superstitious, but I do like to visualize before games. Either in the car on the way there or during warm ups, I go over plays in my head. I usually don't get overly amped up or hyper; in my I'm head nice and calm. ... More